High School Registration Information

High School Refereeing and Interpretation Clinics

While we’re still waiting to hear from all the Local Jurisdictions on whether or not there will be a High School Soccer Season, we are operating under the assumption that we will have one.

You must be at least 18 years of age and have Graduated from High School to work High School and Middle School game.

There will be No in person Clinics will be held in MD this year so DO NOT show up for any of the clinics listed on the MPSSAA Website

If you have any questions in regards to the Registration process, you can contact Mark Jennings (mark0159@outlook.com), Margie Watson (casrawat@msn.com) or Erik Endler (erikendler@verizon.net).

Games are played all weekdays with most games being played on Tuesday and Thursday. Games start as early as 3:30.

Starting this year anyone who is going to work MD Public HS games this year has to set up an account in the new Database the State is using. The Database is called DragonFly. In addition all the HS Interpretation Clinic will be online at the NFHS Site and a link will be made available on the MPSSAA Rules Interpretation Page. No in person Clinics will be held this year so DO NOT show up for any of the clinics listed on the Website. The instruction on how to Register for DragonFly and access the Clinics can be found at the bottom of this note.

No fees will be collected by the State through DragonFly. You will be required to register with CASRA and pay the HS Registration Fee. For any Referees who are new to HS Refereeing or didn’t register with CASRA last year, you will be required to go through a background check. This is a requirement that the Counties have mandated us to do. Anyone who went through the CASRA background check for MD Public Schools last year will not have to go through it again this year.

Please do not register on the CASRA Site we will let you know when you should register and pay your fees.

We have not yet heard from DC School on what their requirements will be for this year. I will update everyone once I have found that out.

PLEASE register ASAP with DragonFly. When selecting your organization you will be working for you need to type in Capital Area Soccer Referees Association. This is what we are under. If you are going to work for another organization you will need to select that organization as well. If you have already Registered, but didn’t select Capital Area Soccer Referees Association as one of your organizations, please go back in and add us.

Here are the instructions for Registering in DragonFly and the HS Clinic for Maryland Public Schools.


1. Each official must set up a Dragonfly account. This account will hold verification of NFHS Exam and Rule Clinic requirements.


a) Go to:  https://www.dragonflymax.com/academy

i. Click get started under the official’s icon

ii. Click on registration as an official and watch the tutorials for steps 1 and 2 of the registration processes.

iii. Complete your demographic profile information and save. You now have a Dragonfly account.

iv. You must complete all requirements to be registered as an official.

v. Please use the same Email Address for all NFHS (Clinic Course and NFHS Exam) and Dragonfly registration logins.

2. Each association will receive administrative access to the Dragonfly site to monitor the registrations of officials registering with their association.

3. The MPSSAA will submit a final list of officials from the Dragonfly registration to each association administrative representative.

4. The MPSSAA will invoice your association for the registration of officials.

5. Once officials are registered through Dragonfly and your list of officials has been uploaded by NFHS to their site, no deletions can be accepted as the MPSSAA will be billed for the total number of officials uploaded.

It is important to remember that the majority of the registration fees per official are passed on to the NFHS for the purchase of rules books, National Federation of Officials Association (NFOA) membership and one million dollar liability insurance, testing and other administrative needs.  Please remember only those officials registered and certified through the MPSSAA will receive the benefits of NFOA membership (good July 1 through June 30th of each year).

Also, I would like to remind each association of the regulations to be a certified official.  In order to work a MPSSAA (varsity or JV) regular season or tournament contest you must be registered and certified.  The following requirements are necessary for certification.   

1. Be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate.

2. Be a member in good standing with the local MPSSAA-recognized officials’ group.

3. Attend an MPSSAA-sponsored rules interpretation clinic in the current year.

4. Pass the National Federation examination (75% is the lowest passing score).

5. Pay the MPSSAA registration fee (through the local officials’ association).


ALL Fall rule clinics will be taken online through the NFHS Learning Site.  Fall Rule Clinic will become available on the NFHS site on Monday July 20, 2020.  Officials are to download and save the clinic verification certificate at the end of the rule clinic course.  Rule Clinic Certificates should then be uploaded to the officials Dragonfly requirement profile.  The clinic online course attendance is mandatory for certification.

The link to the NFHS Online Clinic Courses can be found at http://www.mpssaa.org/officials/rules-interpretation-clinics/


On behalf of the MPSSAA thank you again for the service you provide the students and schools in Maryland.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ken Kazmarek ken.kazmarek@maryland.gov.