CASRA League Requirements on Player Passes & Rosters

CASRA has many leagues that you will referee for.  It is important that you know the league you are refereeing and the rules or modified rules, that each league requires.  You must know which leagues require Roster/Card checks or Mandatory Game Day Rosters, Red Card Sit Out forms, etc. Below are a few of the leagues that as a referee you need to pay special attention to but not limited to.  You can view each league and their rules and requirements on the left.

EDP- Mandatory Game Day Roster that the Center Referee keeps.  Players not in attendance must be marked off by the teams prior to giving it to you.  Players are to be checked by player passes against the roster and jersey numbers must be on the Game Day Roster.

NCSL- Blue game card will be given to the Center Referee.  Only players that are participating should be on the blue card.  Any Guest Players must be hand written on the Blue Card.  All Player passes are to be checked for ALL players including guest players and jersey numbers must be accurate on the roster.

SAMS Select - All SAMs Select teams must have a Roster and player cards.  Player Passes, Roster and Jersey numbers must be on this roster.  If teams do not have a roster they need to provide one by halftime.  If a player does not have a player pass they do not play.