CMSA Field Change Notification

Fall Field Change Notification

Once the fall league schedules were finalized and posted on the website; there have been “numerous” field and venue changes.  This has prompted many of the program coordinators and coaches to contact us as to why C.M.S.A. has made so many changes and revisions.   

These changes are not the work of CMSA, but were due in the most part due to the county agencies that assign and permit the fields for your organizations use; then making changes to the field permit that had been given to CMSA.

CMSA control of these fields starts and ends with the time and locations that your programs provide us with, to schedule your games.  Due to the above, all teams must continue to check their schedules on a weekly basis (a minimum of 24 hours) before your posted games times.  The league will not send out individual emails, or make phone calls to alerting that there has been a change in the schedule.

If there is a change made in any Saturday league game; it will be highlighted on your schedule page.  Sunday games will be noted on the Got Soccer site.