CMSA Headball Policy


Due to the mass confusion on exactly who can head the ball and who cannot, we will be following the Original Recommendation that was published a couple of seasons ago by US Soccer.

That Recommendation was that 11 years old children and younger cannot head the ball.

Everyone should keep in mind, that there are two age brackets playing 9v9 in the league; U11 and U12.  Both ages play by the same FIFA rules, but one (U11) cannot head the ball; & the U12 can with the original policy from US Soccer. This recommendation was a very poorly thought out by US Soccer. Then they throw this on to the Leagues & Tournaments around the country. 

Coaches, Players Parents and Officials are all confused, so for clarification, CMSA Leagues & Tournaments will use the policy listed below:

Revised policy 9/27/19

During the fall of 2019 season, all 7v7 & 9v9 teams cannot head the ball. In the spring season of 2020, those children that have now turned 12 years of age can head the ball, but that decision is made by the coach of each team & will still continue to cause confusion with the Officials. 

This notification was also sent to the referee associations that supply C.M.S.A. with Officials. If the officials do not follow the enclosed policy the Officials will NOT get PAID for the game. If one of the coaches does not comply with the above rule interpretation, then that the game will be declared a League Scrimmage game and that team will be credited with a 3-0 loss. This MUST be reported to your League Commissioner by the Monday Evening following your game.

We don't care what other Leagues & Tournaments are doing; this is how we have interpreted the SAY,

US Club & US Soccer's Original Policy regarding 11 years old children heading the Ball.

C.M.S.A. Board of Directors