MSYSA State Cup rules 2018

 Maryland State Cup Rules 2018

The rules of the 2018 Maryland State Cup competition for all boys and girls age groups will be the rules governing the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship Series as published by U.S. Youth Soccer, as modified below:

  1. Competition Format

1.1. The competition will be a single elimination format open to boys and girls age groups 12U thru 19U (exception: the quarter-final round will be held as a round robin competition.

1.2. 12U will play small-sided 9 v 9 with a maximum roster size of 16.

1.3. The competition will consist of four stages: (1) For those age groups with more than 16 teams, a first single elimination round to reduce the field to 16 teams; (2) A second and third round (quarter-finals round robin) to reduce the age groups to 4 teams;

(3) a semi-final round to reduce the age groups to 2 teams and (4) a final to determine the Maryland State Cup Champion. For age groups with less than 16 teams entered, the format above will also be used and will incorporate first round byes, depending on the total number of teams participating.

1.3.1. The champion, finalist and semi-finalists from the prior year, if they are entered, will be seeded into the next older age group. If possible, teams will be seeded in opposite brackets from the teams they played in the previous year. In order to meet roster continuity requirements for seeding, a majority of the players from the prior year team must be rostered to the current year team. No other teams will be seeded before the State Cup Draw. If possible, the champions and finalists from the previous year will be placed in the competition format so that they cannot face each other until the final.

1.3.2. Participation in State Cup in the two lowest age brackets, 12U and 13U, is limited to teams that are rostered as 12U and 13U teams, and whose roster include a majority of players born of the correct age for 12U and 13U teams. 12U teams must complete their qualifying league play in the same age group

as their Cup play. The 13U age group could play in an older qualifying age group, but would have to play on a U13 roster for the qualifying league play.

1.3.3 Teams competing in the 12U, 13U, 14U, and 15U age groups cannot roster players that are more than two years younger than the roster age (ex: 10U is youngest allowable for 12U team; 11U is youngest allowable for 13U team; 12U is youngest allowable for 14U team; and 13U is youngest allowable for 15U team). Teams competing in the 16U, 17U, 18U, and 19U age groups cannot roster a player that is younger than 14U.

1.4. The State Cup Director or Designee will announce the competition format for each age group at the Cup Draw.

1.5. All matches will be scheduled by MSYSA with possible exception of play-in matches.

1.6. Per the East Region State Presidents’ vote, State Cup games take precedence over all league games, except for the East Region league games.

  1. Conditions for Play

2.1. Team Related Conditions

2.1.1. At least 50 percent of the players on the State Cup roster must be properly registered with MSYSA and US Youth Soccer for the current seasonal year, be Maryland residents and the team must be in good standing (exception: District of Columbia residents will be considered as a Maryland resident as it relates to this rule).

2.1.2. Each team may be required to provide volunteers to assist with State Cup activities as directed by the Cup Committee.

2.1.3. During the current seasonal year, all teams, except 19U, must play in a fall, winter, or spring affiliated MSYSA member sanctioned US Youth Soccer league, which meets the requirements of the US Youth Soccer National Championships Rule 221 Section 1(4):

The team must compete in at least a 4-team approved league during the current seasonal year in its State Association, US Youth Soccer Regional League, US Youth Soccer National League or with its State Association’s permission in another State Association, except for 19U age group for boys and girls. The

league competition must consist of a minimum of one game against each of 3 different teams participating in the league.

2.1.4. Teams must agree to honor all sponsorships/contractual obligations of MSYSA while representing MSYSA. Specifically, teams must use the MSYSA tournament balls provided to each team for the competition.

2.1.5. If a team (excluding 19U teams) participates in the MSYSA State Cup competition and does not complete the required league play prior to the semi- finals per the above rules (2.1.3.), the team will forfeit all MSYSA State Cup games played and will not be allowed to participate in the MSYSA State Cup games the following year. No opponents’ scores or standings in any of the State Cup games forfeited for this reason will be affected.

2.2. Financial Conditions

2.2.1. The appropriate fees must accompany each application for each team entered as set forth in the Cup Announcement.

2.2.2. Any penalties for non-performance that are assessed on MSYSA (i.e. at regional or national levels) will be passed along to the team/club.

2.2.3. Team Obligations – teams failing to adhere to the following obligations shall be assessed a $500 fee. A team forfeiting a Cup match. Team failing to fulfill obligations regarding the supply of and completion of duties of volunteers requested by MSYSA. Failure of teams to clean and dispose of all trash from their bench area after the conclusion of their match. Misconduct by Coaches, Team Officials or spectators resulting in the termination of the match to the team responsible for the match termination. MSYSA may arrange post-match award ceremonies to recognize the finalists in each age/gender bracket. Teams must participate in the ceremony in its entirety.

2.2.4. Any fine assessed to a team for violation of competition rules must be paid in full prior to the teams next scheduled match.

2.2.5. Each team is responsible for paying their portion of the referee fee, in cash, prior to the start of the match. The referee fees for each match are listed in the table below. A team unable to pay its portion of the referee fees will forfeit the match. The referee fee schedule:

Age Group

Amount per Team

12U – 14U


15U – 16U


17U – 19U


  1. Application Deadlines

3.1.Completed Cup applications must be received by the MSYSA office by the published deadline date. Hand delivered applications to the MSYSA office will be accepted, but must be received by the published deadline date. Applications sent by registered or certified mail, requiring a receipt, will not be accepted. Applications that remain incomplete after application deadline are not considered to have met the entry deadline. A complete application consists of the application form, entry fee, a completed qualifying league designation form, and a copy of the MSYSA approved league roster.

  1. Notification of Acceptance

4.1.Teams who have met all of the eligibility and other conditions of acceptance will be notified of their acceptance. The acceptance is conditional, subject to verification of the league participation requirement as set forth in rules 2.1.3. and verification of “good standing” of the club, team and players.

  1.  Cup Draw

5.1.Teams will be provided ample notice of the time and location of the Cup drawing. All teams will be responsible for information discussed and materials distributed at the Cup Draw.

  1.  Withdrawals

6.1.      Notice of intent to withdraw must be made to the State Cup Director or designee. A team may withdraw and have the application fee returned if notice is given PRIOR to the published State Cup application closing date.  If the application fee was paid by credit card, a small service charge will be deducted from the refunded amount. Refunds will not be given after the published application closing date and 1 week prior to the published State Cup Draw date. A team that withdraws less than 1 week prior to the published State Cup Draw date will be subject to the following penalties: forfeiture of state cup entry fee and an additional $500. A team that withdraws after the State Cup draw shall forfeit its entry fee, fined $750 and may be declared ineligible to participate in future competitions. If a team wins the MSYSA State Cup Championship and does not go on to the Regional competition, it will be considered a forfeit.  The team will be fined an additional $1000 and may be declared ineligible to participate in future competitions.  This fine is above any fine amount that the Region may impose. A team that forfeits the East Region Championship by their refusal to participate in Regional Competition may be ineligible for State Cup Competition the following seasonal year if 9 or more players from the forfeited roster return to any one roster.

  1. Rosters

7.1. Team Roster

7.1.1. A team participating in the State Cup will create a MSYSA approved State Cup roster. For 12U, the team roster shall not have more than 16 youth players on the team roster at any given time during the seasonal year. The competition format for 12U teams in cup play will be 9 v 9, and the 12U cup roster limit has been increased to 16 players. A 13U team must not allow more than 18 players on its roster at any time during the seasonal year. The State Champions in the 13U Boys and Girls age groups (including any other 13U teams that advance beyond the state cup level) will be able to add club pass players to their Cup Roster for Regional/National Competitions to a maximum of 22.

7.1.2. 14U and older teams shall not have more than 22 players on their rosters at any time during the seasonal year.

7.1.3. A team may make changes to its roster, consistent with US Youth Soccer and MSYSA rules pertaining to added, released and transferred players no later than a freeze date specified each year in information distributed at the Cup Draw. The MSYSA State Registrar or Associate State Registrar must approve all roster changes.

7.1.4. After the freeze date, players may not be added to the team roster for State Cup play.

7.1.5. After the freeze date, a team and its players shall be considered to have competed in the State Cup competition for that seasonal year whether or not the team or players actually played in a State Cup game.

7.1.6. Team Official movement is not limited by the roster freeze; they may be added to or removed from the team roster at any time, in accordance with MSYSA procedures.

7.1.7. Players may always be released from the team upon their request. Players released after the roster freeze date, however are not eligible for Cup play under any State Association for the current seasonal year. The approval date for any new roster created to reflect player releases will be the freeze date appropriate for the age/gender group.

7.1.8. Players registered on secondary (multi-rostered) passes are not eligible to play in the State Cup for the team of their secondary registration.

7.1.9. Teams may not have more than five rostered players who were previously rostered (considered transfer players) during the current seasonal year with a club other than the club of which the team is a member. The rostering of such players with such club shall be made in compliance with the rules of Maryland State Youth Soccer.

7.1.10. Teams and players may compete in only one (1) State Cup competition in a seasonal year. This will apply to each player until the team they play on is eliminated from a National Championship Series Competition. Each Cup event is separate – State Cup, Regional Cup and National Cup. No player may move to another Cup team until the current Cup event they are playing in is finished

and then only if the team they played on has been eliminated from any level of the National Championship Series competition.

7.1.11. Teams are advised to become familiar with US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules regarding player eligibility and team roster changes, including adding, dropping and transferring players. A copy of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules is available on the East Region website.

7.2. Club Pass Players

7.2.1. A team may add club pass players to their State Cup roster prior to the roster freeze date.

7.2.2. The club pass players must meet the age requirements and be rostered to another team from the same club prior to the roster freeze date.

7.2.3. The club pass players, if added to another team for State Cup, would not be eligible to play State Cup with his/her primary rostered team.

7.3. Roster Submissions

7.3.1. Every team must provide a copy of its most recent MSYSA approved league roster with their application for State Cup in accordance with the deadline posted on the MSYSA website.

7.3.2. Every team must submit their state cup roster for review/approval by the assigned Associate State Registrar no later than the roster freeze date/time for their age/gender group. Every team must submit via e-mail a copy of their MSYSA, approved State Cup roster to the MSYSA office at least 24 hours prior to their first match. If changes have been made to the league roster that was submitted with the State Cup application, the approved updated league roster (both pages) must also be submitted with the State Cup roster. The roster(s) should be e-mailed to

7.4. Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster

7.4.1. The Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster is a copy of the most current, approved State Cup roster.

7.4.2. Upon check-in of each State Cup match played, each team must provide two (2) copies of their MSYSA approved State Cup roster.

7.4.3. Except for 12U, the Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster shall have a maximum of 18 players and a minimum of 7 players. For 12U, the Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster shall have a maximum of 16 players and a minimum of 7 players.

7.4.4. Only players listed on the approved MSYSA State Cup Roster are eligible to be listed on the Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster.

7.4.5. Any team failing to provide the Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster will forfeit that Cup match.

7.5. Championship Matches Additional Roster Requirements.

7.5.1. In addition to the roster requirements listed in section 7.3 above, each team competing in a Championship match must complete a US Youth Soccer East Region National Championship Series Competition Roster. This roster and instructions are available on the US Youth Soccer Region I website. This additional roster must be attached as part of the game roster.

7.5.2. All players on the approved MSYSA State Cup Roster should be included on the Region I National Championship Series Competition Roster whether or not they were at the Championship matches.

7.5.3. It is the responsibility of each team in a Championship match to complete this roster for their team.

  1. Referee Report

8.1. The Referee Report form will be provided to the home team one hour prior to the start time of the State Cup match.

8.2. The home team is responsible for completing the top portion of the referee report with the match and team information. After completing the match information, the home team provides the referee report along with the game day roster of both teams to the referee.

8.3. After the match, the winning team submits the completed and signed referee report and game day roster for both teams to the State Cup Director or the onsite state official.

  1. Scheduling

9.1. All State Cup matches will be scheduled by MSYSA, with the possible exception of play-in matches. Teams entered into State Cup Competition are expected to be available on the planned game dates. MSYSA will do its best to play the Cup schedule as published.

9.2. Scheduled games are subject to be changed by the State Cup Director or Designee. The State Cup Director or Designee may change the date, time of field of the match.

9.3. For matches in age groups with greater than 16 teams entered, the Cup Director, at their discretion, may designate that the home team provide a field and schedule the match at a field of their choice.

9.3.1. If agreed to by the home team and at the away team’s request, the away team may provide the home field for the play-in match

9.3.2. Failure of the teams to schedule and complete games prior to the designated deadline will result in the forfeit of the game by both teams.

9.3.3. Teams must notify the State Cup Director no less than 7 days prior to the scheduled match of the date, time and place of the match.

  1. Bad Weather Procedures

10.1. During inclement weather, the State Cup Director or Designee will make the final decision to reschedule a match. The State Cup Director will notify the teams and the Referee Assignor.

10.2. Unfinished games due to any cause shall be replayed in its entirety if neither team is at fault, and play has not begun in the second half. If play is stopped during the second half and play cannot be resumed and if neither team is at fault, the game is considered complete. However, if the game is stopped in the second half and the score is tied, the game will be replayed in its entirety.

10.3. If play is stopped at any time due to one of the teams being judged to be at fault, it shall be at the discretion of the State Cup Director or Designee whether the game is to be replayed or declared a forfeit.

  1. Rescheduling

11.1. The State Cup Director or Designee must approve all schedule changes.

  1. Referees

12.1. The diagonal system of control will be used for all Cup matches. USSF certified referees will be used for all matches, consistent with US Youth Soccer rules. The State Youth Referee Administrator will have the responsibility for assignment of all Cup matches.

12.2. A fourth official may be utilized for age groups 15U – 19U at the discretion of the referee committee.

  1. Field and Equipment Responsibilities

13.1. Any team requested to schedule a home match must have access to use the field without requiring assistance from MSYSA.

13.2. Fields must meet the standards as established under Law 1 of the FIFA Laws of the Game.

13.3. The home team shall be required to provide all necessary equipment for the field including goals, nets, corner flags and field lining.

13.4. Cost for field usage will be reimbursed by MSYSA up to an amount of $200 per game. Any field cost above $200.00 will be the responsibility of the team that scheduled the match on their field.

13.5. Fields must be in good condition, including keeping the grass cut, and consistent with FIFA and US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules regarding field layout and dimensions.

13.6. An “Observer’s line” shall be marked 2 yards outside of each touch line and is recommended on all fields. However, if a field does not have a technical area for the team/coaches, each team must supply 8 cones/discs no less than 30 minutes prior to the match to the midfield line for the field marshal/referee to utilize in creating a technical area. Restraining areas should be set up to accommodate both teams who will occupy the same side of the field. This area will begin one yard from the mid-field line and continue for ten yards parallel to the touchline at a distance of 1 yard.

  1. Appeal and Protest Procedures

14.1. Protests based upon field conditions, including field layout and dimensions must be registered with the MSYSA State Cup Director or Designee no less than 45 minutes prior to the match. The State Cup Director or Designee will provide direction to the referee as noted and will include this note on the Referee Report. Protests based upon player eligibility must be filed in accordance with section 14.2.

14.2. All protests may be e-mailed directly to the State Cup Director and must be submitted in writing to the State Cup Director at the State Office with a $200 protest fee, payable to MSYSA within 48 hours after the match. Mail postmarked or registered more than 48 hours after the match being protested will not be considered. Metered mail will not be acceptable proof of timeliness.

  1. Reporting Scores

15.1. The winning team shall report the score and any disciplinary action to the State Cup Director, Designee or the on-site state official immediately after the match.

15.2. The winning team must collect the completed Match Reports, which includes the Maryland State Cup Game Day Roster from both teams and the Referee Report, and submit them to the State Cup Director, Designee or the on-site state official immediately after the match.

15.2.1. A completed match report includes all signatures, Maryland State Cup Game Day Rosters for both teams completing in the match and the Referee Report.

15.2.2. Failure to submit a completed match report in a timely manner may result in a forfeit for the winning team.

15.3. For Championship Matches the additional US Youth Soccer East Region National Championship Series Competition Rosters must also be submitted as part of the completed match report. These match reports should be brought to the Cup Headquarters tent immediately following the completion of the match.

  1. Rules of Play

16.1. The FIFA Laws of the Game will apply to all age group competitions except as noted herein or in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules.

16.2. Enforcement of procedural rules as outlined in this section shall be the responsibility of both team managers prior to the start of the match for all preliminary rounds. The State Cup Committee will enforce all procedural rules during the Semi-Finals and Final Rounds.

16.3. Teams shall occupy the same side of the field and are restricted to opposite sides of mid-field line. Substitutes should remain in the technical area unless warming up, then restricted to their half of the field. Coaches are restricted to the technical area. If no technical area is marked, it shall be defined as the area in front of the team bench and extends one yard on either side of the bench and one yard away from the touchline.

16.3.1. Players that are listed on the MSYSA approved State Cup roster but not on the game roster may be on the team bench but they may not be in uniform. Exception: a suspended player cannot be on the team bench. Teams will be issued credentials for team officials listed on the official state roster. Credentials must be worn at all times while in the team area of the field.

16.3.2. It will be the choice of the home team (team listed first on the schedule) as to which side of mid-field it will occupy.

16.4. Spectators will be required to remain on the opposite side of the field to the side utilized by the teams. Spectators are not restricted to either half of the mid-field.

16.5. Uniforms – MSYSA, consistent with the directives from FIFA and US Youth Soccer, considers team appearance to be important elements within the spirit and integrity of the game. Accordingly, the following will be strictly enforced:

16.5.1. Teams shall wear contrasting uniforms, with the home team wearing light-colored shirts and socks and the visiting team wearing contrasting colors. In the spirit of the game, both teams should have a complete set of alternate shirts and socks to avoid a color conflict. If in the judgment of the referee, the team’s uniforms are not sufficiently distinguishable the designated home team shall change to a contrasting color. All player uniforms, including goal keepers, must have clearly visible numbers, at least six (6) inches in height, on the back of the uniform shirts. Each player, including goal keepers, on an individual team must have a different number, which shall be the same number for that player that appears on the game roster and match report. All player jerseys, shorts and socks must be identical in style and color. Referees should have an alternate jersey available to avoid a problem of conflicting with the jersey colors of the participating teams. The State Cup Director or Designee, at game time, may waiver this provision when extreme weather conditions exist.

16.5.2. Shin guards must be worn by all players participating in Cup play. Players not in compliance will be removed from the field by the referee. The player may return when properly attired during a dead ball situation with the referee’s permission. There are no restrictions as to the tape color to be used on the shin pads and/or socks.

16.5.3. Player jerseys must be tucked into their shorts and the socks must be pulled up over the shin guards.

16.5.4. Undergarments Teams wearing dark jerseys (visiting) may wear black undergarments while teams wearing light jerseys (home) may wear white undergarments. Undergarments, such as “spandex” shorts and sliding pads (excluding boxer shorts) may be worn provided they are of the same color as the uniform shorts but may not extend beyond the knee. It is permissible for the goalie to wear a contrasting undergarment under his or her shorts. Tights or other full length leggings may be worn by field players under their shorts and socks provided they are black for teams wearing dark jerseys (visiting) and white for teams wearing light jerseys (home).

16.5.5. Player with blood on their uniform will be removed from the field by the referee. The player may not return to the field until the blood has been removed from the jersey or neutralized by a disinfecting agent. Teams are highly recommended to carry an extra uniform, commonly referred to as a blood kit, for use in situations involving blood on a uniform. Blood kits consist of an extra pair of shorts, socks, and a jersey with a number not rostered to a player on the team. A player with blood on their uniform may use the blood kit to replace their own so they may re-enter the field. Players removed by the referee due to blood may not re- enter until they have been inspected by the referee, assistant referee or fourth official and determined to be free of blood on their uniform and person.

16.6. Head Injury

16.6.1. Coaches, referees, medical staff or tournament officials must remove a player that has sustained an injury that exhibits signs and/or symptoms of a concussion (typically from a head injury but not necessarily). The player is not permitted to return to play until he or she has been assessed by a physician or licensed health care provider that is trained in concussions.

16.6.2. Maryland law, effective July 1, 2014 by the General Assembly of Maryland [(Md. Code Ann. Educ. § 7-433) and § 14-501 of the Maryland Code under the health title in the chapter related to general day care and subtitled youth sports programs. On May 5, 2014, Maryland HB 0427 became law (Chapter 403) amending §14-501], requires the education of coaches, parents, and athletes; removal from play of any athlete suspected of having sustained a concussion; and requires written authorization from a licensed health care provider before the athlete can return to play.

16.6.3. Once a player is removed from play for symptoms of a concussion, the player’s card must be turned over to the MSYSA State Cup Director, Designee, tournament official or an MSYSA staff member.

16.6.4. MSYSA must receive written clearance signed by the physician or licensed health care provider. Upon receipt, the player’s card will be returned to the team and the player will be permitted to return to play.

16.7. The length of matches, ball size and tie-breaking rules for each age group shall be as follows:

Age Group

Match Length

Overtime Period

Ball Size

Referee Fee per Team


Two 45’halves

Two 15’halves




Two 45’halves

Two 15’halves




Two 45’halves

Two 15’halves




Two 40’halves

Two 15’halves




Two 40’halves

Two 15’halves




Two 35’halves

Two 10’halves




Two 35’halves

Two 10’halves




Two 35’halves

Two 10’halves



16.8. Format Rules

16.8.1. Matches in all rounds of the competition must have a winner with the exception of the quarter-final round. Games ending regulation time with a tied score will play the overtime period (2 complete halves) specified in 16.7.   If still tied at the end of overtime, the competition continues using the rules of “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” to determine the winner.

16.8.2 Quarter-Final Tie Breaking Rules – quarter-final matches will only be regulation games. Each team shall be awarded three points for a win and one point for a tie in the quarter-final games. The division winner and runner-up shall be the team with the most points. In the event that two or more teams are tied, the following tie-breaking rules are as follows:

16.8.2.a Head to head competition (does not apply if more than two teams are involved)

16.8.2.b Most wins

16.6.2.c Bonus points – bonus points will be awarded for the difference between goals for and goals against up to

a maximum of four (4) per game (e.g., 7-3 and 4-0 scores each earn four bonus points). Only positive points count towards the bonus points (do not subtract).

16.6.2.d Fewest goals against.

16.6.2.e Penalty Kicks – the FIFA penalty kick procedure will be used to determine a winner or runner-up.

16.8.3 In the event of a tie among more than two teams, a tie is broken by the above system, but if ties among remaining teams still must be decided, those ties would be broken by starting again from the top of the tie-breaking procedure.

16.8.4. If a team forfeits a match, the team will be removed from the competition. Any forfeited match will be recorded as 1-0 loss.

16.9. Player Passes and Rosters

16.9.1. Each team must have their official MSYSA State Cup roster available at every State Cup match.

16.9.2. The US Youth Soccer passes must be brought to every match to be checked against the official MSYSA roster by a Tournament representative and/or a field marshal for the game.

16.9.3. All US Youth Soccer passes must be individually laminated.

16.10. Match Conduct

16.10.1. Coaches, manager and parents are not permitted on the playing field during the match, unless called on by the referee. Violations of this rule will subject the offender to removal from the match site. Repeated violations by the same team may result in the referee terminating the match.

16.10.2. Players who are sent off (red carded) by the referee from any Cup match will not be permitted to play in the next Cup match played by his/her team (including the Cup final). A player may receive more than a one match suspension for being sent off (red carded) as deemed appropriate by the Cup Committee. Players sent off by the referee will remain on the bench but must remove their game jersey. Any persistent issues with the disqualified player while on the bench shall be handled by the on-site MSYSA cup staff.

16.10.3. Coaches, manager or supporters who have been removed from a match will be barred from the sideline and having any contact with their team during their next Cup match in the same age group competition, nor shall the give any direction during the match.

16.10.4. The referee may terminate a match for unsportsmanlike conduct or use of foul language by players, coaches, manager or supporters. The referee may request the State Cup Director or Designee to remove any person violating this rule from the site.

16.10.5. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the event site. The result of alcohol being found in possession of team officials, players, or parents will be cause for disqualification of the team from the Cup competition.

16.10.6. Smoking is not permitted at any of the State Cup match sites. Repeated violations will result in removal from the site.

16.10.7. Dogs are not allowed on the field sites. However, final decisions on all pets are at the discretion of the site management.

16.10.8. MSYSA reserves the right to review all match conduct and ejections. The minimum one match suspension for being sent off will automatically imposed. Further penalties may be imposed by MSYSA. A team’s poor behavior can affect their future participation in State Cup play. Teams not in “good standing” with MSYSA will not be accepted into the State Cup Competition.

16.10.9. A player/team official who is sent off (red carded) in his/her team’s last Cup match at the State level will not be permitted to play in the first match at the Region I Tournament should their team advance to said competition. If their team does not advance to the East Region Tournament, said player/team official must sit out the first Cup match of the following year’s State Cup tournament, regardless of whether the player/team official is rostered to the same team during the following year. A player, team official, or spectator who is sent off in their team’s final match at the East Region Tournament and/or National Championship game must sit out the first match of the following year’s State Cup Tournament, regardless of whether the player/team official is rostered to the same team during the following year.

16.10.10 Noise making devices (i.e. drums, horns, cowbells, trumpets, etc) are prohibited.

16.10.11 For safety reasons, the Maryland State Cup will follow the USYSA policy on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone). The use of unmanned aircraft is not

allowed at any Maryland State Cup events. Any person violating this policy shall be immediately removed from the event.

16.11. Player Substitutions During Match Play

16.11.1. Substitutions may be made during any stoppage of play at the discretion of the referee. A stoppage in play does not guarantee the allowance of a substitution by the referee. In the 12U, 13U and 14U age groups, an unlimited number of substitutions shall be allowed. For the 15U-19U age groups, a maximum of 7 substitutions for each team shall be allowed during each half of play and during all overtime play. After leaving the game during a half of play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game during that same half of play. After leaving the game during overtime play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game, including any subsequent play such as the penalty shootout, FIFA’s “Kicks from the Penalty Mark.”

16.12. Grace Period – teams are expected to be ready to play at the scheduled time of the match. Teams not ready to play at the scheduled start time of any match shall be granted a ten (10) minute grace period. A minimum of seven (7) players are needed to begin the game. Games will begin when the team(s) has seven (7) players present and ready to play.

17. Awards Presentation – individual and team awards will be presented to both the Champion and Finalist. A presentation will be made immediately following the championship game. Teams are required to participate in the Awards Presentation and are directed to go to the awards area immediately following the completion of the final. If the coach is not able to attend the awards ceremony, another team official, along with the team, must be present.

  1. Regional/National Competition

18.1 Winners of the Maryland State Cup will represent Maryland State Youth Soccer at the U.S. Youth East Region competition.

18.2 Finalist and semi-finalists should be prepared to represent Maryland State Youth Soccer in the event the state cup champion is unable to attend.

18.3 If East Region has additional openings for teams to compete in the East Region Championship, Maryland State Youth Soccer may ask the finalist and/or semi- finalist to represent Maryland at the East Region Championships. Finalist and semi-finalist should be prepared for the possibility to attend.

18.4 Entry into the Maryland State Cup competition acknowledges the above and also represents an agreement to participate in the East Region and U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship competitions. Should the Maryland State Cup champion (or their replacement) not attend these competitions, the championship will be forfeited and the team subject to a $1,000 fine from

M.S.Y.S.A. In addition, the team will be responsible for any fines or fees assessed to M.S.Y.S.A. as a result of their non-performance at the East Region or National Cup competitions. If the fine and fees are not paid, the club or team will be considered in “bad standing” until the fine and fees have been paid.