Self Assign Games

Self-Assigning Games

  1. Click on the Schedule tab
    1. If you are associated with multiple assigning organizations, you must be signed into the group that has added the games
  2. Click the Self Assign sub-tab
    1. If you do not see a Self Assign tab, you will need to contact your assignor and ask to be granted permission to self assign games.
  3. Click the Go link, located in the Assign column to the far right
    1. A confirmation message will generate stating “Successfully assigned as [position name] on game [game ID number].”
  4. Repeat step 3 until you have reached the daily limit for self-assigning game sets, or until the desired games are selected. 


Self-Assign Settings

The Self Assign Settings box is found in the upper right-hand corner of the Self Assign tab.

  • Self-Assigned Today: This will display the game ID numbers for each game that you have assigned yourself to for the day.  In parentheses, it will also display your assigner’s pre-set limit for the number of game sets that you can assign yourself to.
  • Current Sort: This shows the sort order by which the list of available games is organized.  To change the sort order, click the column header on the list of available games.  If you need to reset the sort order, click the “[Reset]” button in the settings summary box.
    • Date & Time: Date and Time of the game
    • Game: Game ID number
    • Position: Position available on game
    • Pay (desc): Game fee paid for game
    • Dist: Distance from the game site to the postal code listed on your profile or travel limits
    • Sport & Level: Sport and Level of the game
    • Site: Game location
    • Home: Home team
    • Away: Away team


“I Know I’m Available for a Game, But It’s Not Listed”

  1. The available slots haven’t been marked as self-assignable
    1. Please check with your assignor to verify if a game has been marked as self-assignable
  2. The game conflicts with your availability
    1. Games will only be listed on the Self Assign sub-tab if there are no scheduling conflicts. If you are already scheduled for another game on a specific day, have created a block on your schedule, or the travel between games overlaps, the system considers you unavailable. 
  3. There is a conflict other than availability 
    1. There are other conflicts that may prevent you from taking a game, such as limits on how many games you can take at a specific level, or how many games you can work per week, or travel distance. Please contact your assigner for more information about assigning requirements and limits.

CASRA allows self-assigning for the following programs (mostly younger rec): Anne Arundel County, CMSSL, Damascus, McLean, Olney, PG Boys and Girls, SAM League (not including SAM Select or SAM High School), and SAC. 

You can self-assign by going to "Schedules" in Arbiter. Click the "Self-Assign" tab to see the games available. You must take all linked games in the set. You will be limited in the number of sets of games you can self-assign at one time. In addition, the whole season is not made available at one time.

IMPORTANT: CASRA reserves the right for its Assignors to cancel your self-assignment or add games, as needed to make efficient use of the available pool of referees and to match referees' abilities to the games. Referees who abuse the system by self-assigning themselves to games beyond their ability or then turn back games they have taken are subject to having their self-assigning privileges taken away.