Game Reports

The first step to getting paid in a timely manner for your games is to do your game reports.   The Center Referee or Referee #1 is responsible for game reports.   We cannot bill a client and collect your money to get paid until the game report is completed.  THE REFEREE RESPONSIBILE WILL BE FINED IF GAME REPORTS ARE NOT COMPLETED IN A TIMELY MANNER.   $25 PER MISSING GAME REPORT.   Game reports are due in 24 Hours post a match. 

Game reports require you to certify that all members of your team were on time and present, the score of the game and a comments section for you to put information on misconducts or other unusual events.  You must denote any members of your team missing or late next to the referees name in the drop down boxes.  

Every Tuesday, someone will review all the outstanding game reports from the prior week and begin assessing fines.  Don't lose your hard-earned money by not completing the easiest part of your job.    If any of your prior matches have a RED R next to them, that means the game report is not completed.   If you are an AR or a Referee #2 – help your teammates out and let that referee know a game report is missing.

If you send off a player, coach or team official, have a player who is seriously injured, abandon a match or remove spectators during a CASRA assigned match, you MUST contact your assignor immediately following the match.

In addition, for USSF sanctioned matches, you MUST complete the USSF Supplemental Referee Report, along with a U.S. Soccer Referee Report for the dismissal of team officials, sending-off offenses, serious injuries, referee assault, referee abuse, game abandonment or other substantial occurrences.  Complete the form and send it to your assignor. Your assignor will review it and will forward it to the Maryland State Youth Referee Administrator at SYRAOFMARYLAND@GMAIL.COM with a cc to you and the referee team. The SYRA will ensure that it gets delivered to the proper governing body.

These forms can be found at the link below. Send completed forms to your assignor first for review.

In addition, many of our leagues require you to fill out their game report.  Instructions for the various leagues can be found here: 

Erik Endler