NCSL Game Report Procedures


1) Pull up the NCSL Website :

2) Along the top Selection Bar put your cursor on ‘Referees’ and move down to 'Important Information' and left click.

3) If you need to Register for the site click on ‘Referee Game Reporting Initial Sign Up’ and fill in the appropriate information.

4) After you Register or if you are already registered click on ‘Referee Game Report Log In’

5) Type in your ‘email address’ and PIN# (password).

6) Type in the NCSL Game# and hit ‘GO’ - This is the game # in Arbiter.

7) Confirm the Game information is the game you worked and click ‘Yes-Continue’.

8) Use the Drop down arrow on the next screen to fill in your AR’s Name(s). If their name(s) doesn’t appear, then type in their name(s). For games using a STAR click in the appropriate box to indicate who supplied the STAR. Click on ‘Save and Continue’.

9) For the next 2 screens - If you have issued a Card to a player of Team Official and you need to indicate it next to the name of the player by clicking on the Drop Down Arrow next to their name and select the appropriate reason for the Card. If the players name doesn’t appear on the Roster then you can type it in and then select the correct reason for the Card being Issues. (**IF THERE ARE NO NAMES ON THE ROSTER YOU ARE ONLY REQUIREDTO FILL IN THE NAME OF THE PLAYER OR TEAM OFFICIAL WHO YOU ISSUED A CARD TO**) After you have filled in the appropriate information click on ‘Save and Continue’

10) On this screen you can ‘Copy and Paste’ any narrative from your Arbiter Game Report into the Comments section. You also need to fill in the score for the game and rank the Coaches, Parents and Players. After you have completed this hit ‘Save and Continue’

11) On this screen you need to verify all the information you entered is correct. If you need to make any changes, then click on the appropriate Highlighted section to do so. Once all the information is correct then click on ‘Done-Submit Report’

12) You need to do this for every NCSL Game you work. If you have multiple Game Reports to submit click on ‘Create a New Match Report’ to submit the next one.

If you are finished submitting your Game Reports then Click on ‘Log Out’.

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