If you are the Center Official or Referee #1 it is MANDITORY that you complete your Game Report for all games refereed for CASRA. Reports are due by the Monday after you referee for the weekend.  All game reports are to be completed no later then 48 hours after the completion of that game.


NCSL games require the Arbiter Report as well as the NCSL online Referee report. You can do your game or register to do a game from this link at NCSL-Soccer.  Please keep NCSL Blue Cards until the beginning of the next season


EDP games, if you issue a card, you will need an online game report at EDP Game Report.  If no cards are issued you will only complete the Arbiter report as well as the GotSoccer game report. Please keep your Game Day Match Card until the beginning of the next season and follow the instructions to complete your report.


From Schedule, please click on List View on the left and your filter should be Show All.  All games in which you were the Center Official or Referee #1 you will click on the Red "R" and add the scores and cards issued.


If you have an issue in your game that needs to be addressed,  please put it in your Game Report but also copy to your Assignor.