January 17, 2018

BOD Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2017
Grotto Pizza Restaurant, Columbia, MD

Board Members In Attendance:  Ed Grimes, President; Erik Endler, Mitchell Williams, Thomas Abbott, John More, Rey Quiroz, Trey Krell, Mark Patterson, Maria Cribbs, Missy Lambert, Charles Pope, Frank Giuliano, Barry Lawrence, Desiree Ridgell

Others in Attendance:  Robin Miller, Executive Director; Mark Jennings, Assignor; Mark Kuser, Assignor/Guest

Ed Grimes called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM and following items were discussed.

BOD Meeting Minutes from 11-29-17 – Approved with minor changes

· Correct Erik’s name (remove ‘c’)

· Add Charlie Pope as being in attendance

Ballot for 2018:  Ballot was reviewed

Audit/Finance Update:

· Erik distributed a Finance Committee update

· Erik and Robin have Quckbooks

o John to give to Desiree upon her return from vacation

· 2017 Membership Dues Update:  Collected approximately $60,000 to date

· Going forward, most contracts will require a retainer to improve cash flow

Membership Dues:

· Alternatives to manually collecting and tracking membership dues were discussed

· Suggestions that Referees pay 3% of earnings

o Benefit that Arbiter will be able to track and deduct automatically

Motion made to take 3% of referee earnings for Membership Dues to replace the current dues structure beginning January 1, 2018. – Motion Passes

Marty Kuser: 
Marty spoke on EDP issues

What does an assignor do for EDP games

  • On Call 24/7
  • Make changes 6-7 days a week
  • Make last minute changes that affect full referee crews,
  • Field numerous emails and phone calls from Clubs/team’s and parents, some are abusive
  • Deal with Referee turn backs are now higher than ever before for EDP games, why, they can work other leagues, do multiple games and have a day that is more profitable and probably more enjoyable.
  •  No longer attractive to assistant refs for cash on field for single site games,  especially for ARs
  • Approximate 44% of 500 EDP games each season are single site
  • For all this Assignor’s have not been getting any pay or not getting full pay for rainouts/cancellations due to field closures. A game assigned is a job done whether played or not.


CASRA needs to be sure that we deal with all leagues especially EDP to say there must be considerations of sharing fields, grouping clubs games on same field back to back and not 10am and 4pm. EDP is not getting smaller,  the amount of clubs just continues to grow, however referee numbers are down, level of experienced referees is down.

  • All EDP Schedules need to be done/finalized three weeks prior to season
  • All changes must be made two weeks in advance
  • Assigning- multiple game sites will have a priority, single site games will be assigned last and with one ref unless ref pool shows more refs available
  • Last minute changes i.e. field closed on Saturday so now they want to play same day or next day, usually single site, usually at late hours are to be automatically denied by CASRA/EDP
  • Pay Mark and Missy to deal with EDP, it’s a huge unforgiving job and what they have done is priceless to everyone from the teams, to EDP, CASRA and the assignors
  • Assignors get full fee for any and all games assigned, no matter if cancelled due to weather or field closed due to damage. We do not work for free and should not be expected to do so. The above applies to all leagues/school games.

Treasurer’s Report

· The checking account that was hacked has been closed

o New one opened

o Credit Card and Debit Card transferred to new account

o John will issue new checks

· John getting updated on invoices

· Worked through Geoff’s reconciliation calculations and John and Geoff were in agreement on what had been calculated.  They have not come to a final agreement.

· Still working with Thomas to come up with an agreement

· Working on Missy’s and others

· John working on 1099’s.

o Cash games must be reported

· John reviewed balance sheet

· Missy is helping with missing SS#’s

Executive Director’s Report


  • Contacted EDP regarding status of contract.  I tried to move the deadline up from Feb. 1.  She did not agree.  She needs time to thoroughly review.
  • Collected $3,645.00 in Fall 2017 ($4,695 total)
  • We owe referees $940.00 all on 10/29
    • EDP should pay for $140 – Josh did not notify us
  • Collected $2745.00 in Spring 2017 ($21,935 total)
    • We owe referees at least $1,740.00
    • Emails were sent to teams
    • Follow-up sent to clubs (in progress)
        • Sent to big clubs (SAC, Pipeline, MD United, MD Rush, Pachuca, FCI, FC USA, BETH,SMS, Delaware RUSH)

NCSL:  Have not heard from Richard since September
SoccerPlex:  Meeting on February 6
Potomac:  Kathy and I have been trying to set up a call
IAAM:  Sent contract end of November.  Followed up with a call last week to Sue
AACPS:  Attending pre-solicitation meeting on Jan. 23 -  Having a conference call prior
Assignors Meeting:  Minutes were sent to everyone for review.
Score:   5% discount - Put link on website – BOD voted not to proceed


Mark Jennings – Assignors Meeting

· Recommendations for first through third offenses of turn backs and no-shows.

· Code of Conduct was sent to Ed for review

· Need to clean Arbiter out and remove referees who are not active

· Assignors would like a detailed breakdown when they receive payment

· Presented a proposed fee structure of Assignors fees per game/league (some leagues still need to be addressed).

· Assignors request a firm pay schedule for the spring 2018 leagues prior to the start of the season.

· Requesting $4.20/gm for outdoor matches and $3.00/gm for indoor minimum

· SAM and CMSSL games are self-assigned but monitored

· Mark and Missy to receive additional funds

Motion was made by John M. to give Mark and Missy $5,000.00 each for EDP for 2017.  There was a second  by Rey Q, and discussion – Motion passes

· Mark and Missy agree to remain the schedule POC’s  for EDP

· Mark and Missy will receive $1 from each EDP Assignor and $3.00 from CASRA.

· The BOD is to speak with Assignors regarding Mark and Missy continuing as POCs for EDP.

o Assignors will receive $14 and Mark and Missy will receive $1.00

o If CASRA and EDP to raise the fees, the assignors will receive additional funds.

Motion was made by the President to take $1 out of each EDP game from the Assignors to pay Mark and Missy.  There was discussion;  Motion Passes.    The Assignors will now receive $14 for each EDP match.

· Assignors will receive $14 for any rescheduled matches after the teams pay the fee.

· Recommend that teams pay the fee prior to the rescheduled date or give them a time frame to pay the fee. 

Geoff Rice – A motion was made to remove Geoff Rice as a Board Member.  A motion was made by Frank G.  After discussion by a vote of 11-3, motion carries to remove Geoff as a Board Member.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 PM