September 2019

CASRA Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes







Erik Endler


Mitchell Williams


Barry Lawrence


Pete Sanchez


Rey Quiroz


Missy Lambert


Desiree Ridgell


Christian Mari


Warren Pfister


Bruce Cochrane


Trey Krell


Robert Fereday


Marty Kuser


Kevin Garvey


Perry Kelley



Robin Miller


      Mark Jennings


Location :   321 Capitol, Columbia MD

Call to Oder:   At 6:35 PM by President,  Erik Endler


1. Background Checks (Board Members)

Discussion regarding an Assignors background check results for old court proceedings that could result in potential financial mis management for CASRA

Action Plan

a. Executive Committee to meet with Assignor and discuss the background check results

b. Background Checks for all CASRA individuals with financial responsibilities

c. Audit/Review Assignors games for the past 12 months

Overall there were 10 referees with positive background checks.  Executive Committee       enlisted the assistance of Brian Roslund to discuss.   There were no disqualifications

2. Review and Approve Prior Minutes (Board Meeting and EC Meetings)

Motion to approve the minutes for the 6/18 BOD Meeting by the C Mari, seconded by M Lambert

            Motion carried unanimously

3. Action Item Review and Update

Action Items were reviewed and Updated. Attached to this meeting

4. Next Meeting Date

Proposed for late November, Early December

5. Financial Update

Quickbooks online conversion was not successful which is causing problems in delivering a balance sheet.  Options to fix are:

a. Quickbooks Support

b. Outside Assistance

Action: Executive Committee to discuss and report back

Paypal Funds and Account Status  

Action: Robin to send information to Erik

Write Offs for 2018.   Approximately 28K

Overdue Balances   Charles County, Waldorf   Charging 1.5% per month.  

Action: Robin to send notice and stop assigning matches on 9/30

6. EDP Policy re: Referee Payments

Concern is for Referee Payments for late cancellation of matches and team no shows.

CASRA Policy is that payment will be made once funds are collected. 

Home Club is responsible for full payment and collection from visiting club.   Club contracts to be updated with verbiage stating the responsibility. 

Action:  Robin to send Missy EDP Club Contact Information

Action:   Missy to contact clubs about outstanding payments

Action:   Mark to draft EDP Policy

7. Code of Conduct updates – Re Background Check and others


Background Check for High School and Middle School matches.  Add section to the code of Conduct. 

Heading:  Background Checks

Language:  All Referees must complete a CASRA Background Check before accepting assignments for any school game.   Failure to complete the Background Check will result in a fine totaling the full amount of the game fee.  The fine will be assessed for every school game for which the background check has not been completed.

B Lawrence made a motion to accept the language

W Pfister seconded the motion

Motion carries on a voice vote. 

Issue:  Many referees are failing to wear appropriate uniforms.  Update the Code of Conduct Fines section with item e  “Failure to wear the approved style of uniform,  Fine $60 *  * Fine to be refunded upon proof of purchase of the appropriate equipment. 

Language was approved.  


8. Payment Schedule for Fall

Discussion regarding the possible payment schedule for fall season.   Schools do not pay until the end of the season.  Billing will be done at end of season.  Payment will depend upon receipt of invoices.  

R Fereday suggested that  a message be sent to all referees on the state of CASRA.  Key items are:  CASRA is Solvent.  Payments have been made through June league games and all Tournaments.  

Motion to Adjourn was made by B Lawrence     Seconded by R Fereday.  Motion carried unanimously

Meeting Adjourned at 9:44 PM

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